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When I look at the world, I choose to see beauty. I look for potential and possibility everywhere. When I look at the world I see a transformation, a chance to make things shine a little bit brighter. I am a storyteller, a researcher, a seeker of beauty, a visual artist who loves to dabble in all kinds of creative projects and collaborations. 

My work encompasses and utilizes my professional skills as a researcher, in combination with my artistic ability, to bring beauty into the world. Into your world. My projects are an expression of this unique combo, in whatever form or shape it takes. I bring texture and color to the everyday, to make your life a little bit artsier. 


Being artful with purpose is the only way I know to make sense of the world around me and create meaning for myself and others. My job is to Illuminate beauty wherever I go, ignite that same passion in others and inspire them to create beautiful work with meaning. 

Originally from Barcelona, Spain, I currently live in Chicago, a city that stole my heart.

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