About the Designer

Artistic exploration that accents life is ultimately what my business is all about. My business is a combination of painting, jewelry design, and accessories. Although seen as superficial –even the name “accessories” hints at its non-essential nature –to me, it is accessories that can turn your life into a work of art. I bring texture and color to the every day, to make your life a little bit brighter.

I find as much inspiration in a rusted piece of hardware as in a Japanese flower arrangement, or a beautifully displayed salad. I often find myself thinking of the next project while working in my studio. Honestly, lack of inspiration is rarely the problem. Focus and stillness tend to be my weaknesses. What I enjoy the most is the pleasure I find in exploration and discovery, and the simple fact of being fortunate enough to play with colors, water and fire... the potential of a blank slate and endless possibilities!

Originally from Barcelona, Spain, I currently live in Chicago, a city that stole my heart.

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